Tuesday, 30 August 2011

welcome back!!!

Helo There,
....as you all have noticed we disappeared for a little while from our own blog....our deep silence ment only two reasons: there were one big changes and there were no changes at all about us!
How it possible? Here comes the explanation...
Since April 2011 our businesse has changed hands (well guessing...this is the one big change)....please give a warm welcome to Lucas and Susan Morrison, parents of three, lovely people full with great ideas and hardworking attitude for improving and keeping Cafe-Deli-Buchery on the top.
And what does not change around us at all are: we kept our lovely staff, homemade great scones and cakes, amazing coffees, nice selection of teas and taesty savories (our own handmade quiches, pizzolas, pies, sausage rolls, bruchettas are more than worthy to try...yumm!!!). We still provide our customers with an opportunity to have a lovely browsing around our shelfes packed with handmade chutnies and jams, tasty crisps, quality olive olis and balsamic vinegars, salad dressings, biscuits and crackers, box od coffees and teas, soft drinks, fresh vegetables and fruit, locally sourced milk...etc....cannot write everything down, please better come, visit and check out it by yourselfes!!!
And most importantly: we would like to welcome all of your ideas, please visit us, spend as mutch time as possible with us and share all of your experiences and impressions.

What we can promise from now on....try to update this bolg as often as possible, beause we would love to let you know about any changes, promotions, offers and Stewart and Co news.

Whohooooo, and before we forget: there are other big changes on the way towards to Stewart and Co...we have applied and succeded to get an alcochol license lately.....super taesty alcoholic (4%) ginger beers are already on the drinks menu....and the rest (wine, beer) will happen very very soon.

We will keep you updated, have a very nice time until x x x

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