Thursday, 8 April 2010


Alex from Teapigs (who make those posh silk teabags - green tea with mints my fave) is coming to Stewart & Co. Jesmond on Saturday to do a Matcha Green Tea tasting...This super duper tea has 137 x more antioxidants than standard green tea infused anapparently 70 x more than orange juice & 9 x the beta carotene level of spinach. How clever...maybe theres no need for that gym membership after all...

Sounds like the perfect weekend hangover cure to me so come down 11am-1pm for a cuppa - your banging head will thank you for it... If you can't make it, Matcha Green Tea is on sale in our Jesmond store plus enjoy the rest of the Teapigs selection in all 3 outlets...

Happy tea drinking x
Check out for more info.

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